Sunday, April 28, 2013

Healthy Veg Breakfast choices in England

In the land of meat pies and clotted cream it is not easy to find healthy food choices when traveling in England, especially for vegetarians and vegans, but it is possible if you know where to go and what to buy. Let's start with breakfast.  The classic breakfast in England is a Full English Breakfast, which is often served in B&Bs and breakfast cafes. I love a full English breakfast even though it is quite a lot of heavy food first thing in the morning, but it will certainly keep you going until lunch! A typical English Breakfast consists of:
This is a great vegetarian "Full English" that my sister-in-law Katie made for me. There were some delicious potatoes added on this plate, which was a really nice addition ❤
Eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, and fried tomatoes. Not really what Americans usually think of eating first thing in the morning, but it is really yummy and worth trying. Decades ago, when I backpacked around England with friends and stayed in lodgings where breakfast was included, it was not a bad breakfast for me since I was a vegetarian and usually could eat everything served except the bacon and sausages (sometimes the host would even give me extra beans and veg). But now many places in England offer vegetarian versions of a "Full English", which usually includes really tasty vegetarian sausages along with the usual eggs, beans and veg. If you are ever in York, England, my favorite place that serves a vegetarian "Full English" is the Riverside Cafe, where you can sit outside (and hope it doesn't rain!) and look out onto the river and relax and enjoy your warm and filling vegetarian breakfast.  YUM! You can read my review of The Riverside Cafe on Trip Advisor by HealthyGypsyTravller (notice the spelling of Travller).

If you would like to try to cook your own "Full English", Alicia Silverstone has an awesome recipe for a vegan version in her book "The Kind Diet", which is one of my favorite healthy lifestyle and cookbook. She also has a blog where you can find the recipe among a lot of other healthy recipes and tips on healthy living

In the summertime there is a wonderful array of berries
If you don't have the time or the desire to try a Full English Breakfast, there are other great vegetarian choices. My favorite breakfast in the summertime is to buy some fresh berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries (often called bilberries in England) which are usually locally grown and delicious, and top it with some soy yogurt. England has THE BEST soy yogurt I have ever tasted called Alpro Soya. The taste and texture is so creamy and 

wonderful, I dream of it all year when I return to California! It is available in most shops like Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury's and Holland & Barrett.  My favorite flavor is vanilla, which has fresh vanilla bean in it. It is delicious! Alpro also comes in plain, raspberry, banana and a few other fruit flavors. You must try it! ❤ 

❤❤Happy Healthy Eating!❤❤

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