Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hawaiian Airlines: Vegan/Vegetarian In-Flight Meal

Oahu, Hawaii
Spring 2014

I used to LOVE traveling by air when I was younger, it was such a pleasant experience. Flight Attendants were always pleasant and happy to see you, planes were less crowded, and I looked forward to the in-flight meals. Now a days, the flight is my least favorite part of traveling.

Which is why I'm so happy to share my recent experience on Hawaiian Airlines. We flew Hawaiian Airlines from Sacramento to Oahu, Hawaii this past Spring, and it was really a nice experience. The flight attendants were friendly, and I really loved all the Hawaiiana they had on board: Hawaiian Music, staff in Hawaiian dress, and the meal with a Hawaiian theme along with pineapple juice and a and mixed tropical fruit juice offering with the beverage service. When I booked our flights the reservationist informed me that Hawaiian Airlines is the only American domestic carrier that still offers a free meal on their flights. I no longer eat the food provided on airplane flights (see my post on "Staying Healthy in the Air") but I was happy to hear that for my son's sake. He loves the in-flight meal as I did when I was younger. Hawaiian Air does not take special meal requests, so I could not special order a vegan/vegetarian meal, but the offering was very nice, and as it turned out VEGETARIAN!

A nice breakfast meal of fresh fruit and crackers, but
the best part was the chocolate macadamia nut!
The meal, or snack really, was a mid-morning meal of fresh fruit, crackers, and a package of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Very nice. My other son and I did not starve however, we went to Starbucks at the airport and got a muffin (him) and a lovely, hot oatmeal with the works (me) along with a drink for the flight. Although I prefer to bring my own drink on an airplane flight, I did have a pineapple juice on the way to get into the Hawaiian spirit with my kids. We even bought some Hawaiian Air ear buds (I loved the little Hawaiian Air logo on it!) and some snacks that were for sale. All in all a great flight!

Why don't I eat the food on an airline anymore?

Why don't I drink the beverages offered on a flight?

Do a little research before your next flight and see what recent studies have found out.
Here are a few to get you started.


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