Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eating out: ENGLAND

WAGAMAMA: The best chain restaurant for vegans, vegetarians and healthy fare

Wagamama is (thankfully!) a chain restaurant that pops up all over England (and Europe!). It is based on a Japanese Noodle Bar and has reliable good, clean fresh noodle and rice dishes as well as great starters and side dishes.

Our favorite starter is the Yasai Gyosa which are yummy vegan vegetable dumplings. Other favorite starters are edamame and Goma Wakame Salad, which has carrots, onions and seaweed for a unique flavor. They have a lovely choice of Ramen, Donburi, Teppanyaki (fried noodle dishes) and Curry dishes, several are vegetarian or you can order any dish with tofu instead of meat.

May favorite main meal is the Saien Soba, which has yummy asparagus, leeks, mushrooms, tofu and more- mixed with nice soba noodles and light broth. Yum!

Seating in many of the Wagamama's is "group" seating where everyone sits together on long tables. The restaurants are all usually busy places,  so it is best to go early or later than usually eating times.

Please read my review on TRIP ADVISOR for Wagamama in York, England. (Note my reviewer name on TRIP ADVISOR is HealthyGyspyTraveler -only one "l" in traveler):