Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bach Flower Remedies for Fear of Flying

Bach Flower Remedies are a perfect natural remedy for
emotional issues.

Bach Flower Remedies are lovely all natural tinctures that are used to support one’s emotional health, gently ease a person’s stress and enable peace and harmony to replace any distressing feelings.  Dr. Edward Bach developed 38 flower essences , each prepared from the flowers of wild plants, trees, or bushes, and made into tinctures,  which are used to treat a specific emotional issue of an individual. I LOVE THEM!

Bach Flower Remedies are available at health food stores and online. They come in little bottles with a squeeze drop top. Once you decide which remedies might be best for your current issues, squeeze two drops into a cup of spring water and sip at intervals, OR squeeze 2 drops directly onto your tongue, swish around in your mouth for a minute, and swallow. Repeat as needed. The essences are alcohol based and the dropper should not ever tough your tongue or inside of your mouth. I put several 6-8 drops in a liter bottle when I travel and sip it throughout the day.

This remedy is appropriate for someone suffering from FEAR,  APPREHESON, AND WORRIES, about things NON-SPECIFIC. A good example is if you are afraid of flying or travel by sea but you cannot say exactly why, just that you have an uneasy feeling about it. This remedy will help relax you and steer your thoughts towards happier ones. Its not for someone who suffers from severe panic attacks , fear of a KNOWN specific cause (see MIMULUS below) or more serious fears.


This remedy is for fear from KNOWN causes such as illness, death, accidents   and pain. If your fear of flying stems from something specific, such as you are afraid of a plane "accident", falling ill while in the air, or claustrophobia, this remedy might be for you. If your fear is more general and non-specific, you might try ASPEN (above).

This remedy is for those who have selfless over-concern, fear or worry for the welfare of others.  If you are a parent or guardian traveling with your children or family members and are more worried about them than yourself this may be for you. I worry about my kids A LOT, and I use this remedy often, even when we are not traveling. It may be my favorite Bach Flower Remedy.

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